About us

1901 : Marc Lurton’s great grandfather bought Chateau Reynier (www.lurton.com).
1956 : Marc’s father inherited Chateau Reynier.
1980 : Marc, an oenologist trained at Bordeaux University, started to manage his father estate and moved into Chateau Reynier with his wife Agnes who was a teacher.
1993 : Agnes gave up teaching to manage the estate with Marc.
1997 : Marc inherited Chateau Reynier and the vineyards of Chateau de Bouchet and made some major improvements : modernizations of the wine making facilities, investment in bottling line and labelling equipment, installation of a system to protect the wine from frost in spring, installation of natural waste water treatment plant, restoration of the underground stone caves for ageing the wine in oak barrels, replanting the vines to bring them up to date with modern norms (started in 2001 and continues today).
2000: Rehabilitation of underground stone quarries for aging wines in oak barrels.
2001 to date : Restructuring of the vineyard.
2010 : The company Vignobles Marc et Agnes Lurton was formed. Agnes opened the Chateau to the public for tasting and buying wines.
2012 : Started working toward organic certification for a part of the vineyard.
2016 : 6 ha of our vineyard are grown under organic farming practices. Since harvest 2016, our organic wines are sold under a new label : chateau Tour de Boisset.
2017 : our vineyard is engaged in a French certification who promote environmental friendly practices.